CE_blogI recently finished the website for author and ecologist, Cristina Eisenberg.


Cristina has a PhD in Forestry and Wildlife from Oregon State University, and does extremely important field research on the impact of humans, wolves, elk, and fire in Rocky Mountain ecosystems. She was looking to launch her website to coincide with her second book, The Carnivore Way, published by Island Press in May 2014. Cristina, is also an editor for the Whitefish Review. I was excited when Cristina selected me to work with her on the project as it would present many obstacles to overcome. Eisenberg_Portrait_C - Copy

Cristina is incredibly organized and has a plethora of images and writing that she does in a sense, the website content was there. I just needed to figure out how to organize the information and display it. After conferring with her, it became apparent that a WordPress site was the best choice for her needs. He created a sitemap and wire-frame.

CE_websiteFrom there is was a question of creating the brand for her website. It had to straddle the lines between a visually compelling site with a scientific blog. I chose the ‘Spacious’ theme on WordPress. And made a child theme in order to be able to add additional features.

Once her website was launched, I used a mixture of plug-ins to enhance SEO, create an automatic back-up and block spam. Cristina is an amazing client to work, look for continuing updates to site, including research on Polar bears in the Arctic Circle.






Cristina Eisenberg – Website
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