I have always been an artist. I have a passion for ceramics and I’ve always been a doodler.. During school I’d scribble drawings in the margins, and even in meetings I often get set off by something that’s said and feel the need to put pen to paper. But I remember it was my internship in college, at Double R Productions in Washington, DC that was the moment that I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. I was the first time that I saw what could be done on a Mac. How you could literally doodle digitally. Edit, revise refresh and explore ideas without the boundaries of paper. With newer, faster applications and better machines it’s amazing what can be done.

I was initially hired as a Sales associate at Big Mountain in 1999 but through the good fortune and providence of the marketing director, Adora Maguire, I was able to work on a Mac and became a self taught designer.  Here are a few of my early logos and illustrations. Somewhat primitive, but fun all the same.

Design – Early Logos & Illustrations
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