During the five years that I worked at ESS, I was responsible for creating and implementing marketing campaigns for over a dozen different product launches; creating logos, packaging and identities for sunglasses, eyeshields, goggles and other ESS products.

The process involved in launching a product usually started with creating the product’s logo well-in-advance of the launch. In most cases, I would have to have a logo created half a year before the launch and usually even before the final prototype of the product was even finalized. The marketing team would meet with the product engineers and sales to get an idea of our target audience. Then it was up to our four person marketing team to create marketing materials, descriptions retail packaging and all product photography.

The most comprehensive marketing / logo campaign that I created was for the ESS Crossbow Eyeshield. The Crossbow is the most advanced eyeshield that ESS has created. With styling cues taken from it’s parent company Oakley, the Crossbow is a fusion of protection and style. The goal of our product launch was to introduce the Crossbow as a premium eyeshield that could compete against Oakley’s M-Frame with cool factor. I created an entire visual language  to call out the top key features of the Crossbow as well as primary and secondary logos. The final key was to combine a great looking product image that we’d use with the elements repeatedly to hammer home the campaign.

Crossbow Product campaign:

ESS – Crossbow Launch & Marketing Campaign
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