I recently created a logo/brand for a new start-up company based out of Kalispell:

4 Seasons Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Design4SeasonsLogo2014

Brad Helding & Paula  Sinnott contacted to update their logo. They wanted a logo that was their own and could be used for all aspects of marketing. I talked it over with them prior to diving into the project and worked with them on creating a budget that they could afford.

The key factor in designing this logo was to do our research and do ‘homework’ ahead of time. I had Brad and Paula really look at other logos and typefaces to determine what style they were looking for. After looking through a few samples of type and logo styles I created a first draft of the logo based on a 4 quadrant / 4 seasons look. This was received well, however the feedback I got was to create a more kitchen or fire look. The colors were also a little to pastel.









I when back to the drawing board literally and started to work on a series of flames that we could use to convey cooking or kitchens. I updated the script-style font And also worked on creating a toned down but complimentary color palette. I always try to build logos in Illustrator so that they are scalable when finished and add the most versatility.4seasons3

I created the final flame logo and submitted it to the clients. I chose 4 flames over the title to add an element of cooking. The four different colors, blue green yellow and orange represent the four seasons.



One Idea I had was to create four versions of the logo and use one flame color during that part of the year. If it was fall you’d use the orange,  winter blue, spring green and yellow summer…  Just an idea that highlights the versatility of the artwork and brand color scheme.

Once I received approvals. I went ahead and supplied Brad and Paula with a full compliment of files from the native Adobe Illustrator to web-ready PNG files.





Four Seasons Outdoor Kitchen Logo
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