Going out on a limb.

Rising above the rest.

Managing Risk.

These were things that crossed my mind as I refined and developed the logo for Bill Gange at Skyline Sales and Consulting.

Bill was looking for a brand that would stand out in a crowd and elevate his business profile. (pun intended)

Fall Color from atop Enger Park Hill

The name Skyline Sales actually referred to the street where he purchased his first home, Skyline Avenue in Duluth, MN. There is also a local tie with the Sklyline Parkway in the hills outside of Duluth overlooking Lake Superior. Another skyline feature of Duluth is the Aerial Bridge.

My first thought was to think out-of-the-box and create a logo that literally created a visual link between the two words. ‘Sky’ and ‘Line’. So what is a line in the sky…  Jet contrails? Tightrope walker! A skyline! I created the logo and explored various clean and tall typefaces.

I wound up creating this initial concept.

Skyline-concept A

Skyline-concept A2




My client liked the initial direction but he wanted to see some other logo concepts to perhaps tie into some of the local imagery and explore options for using existing themes in an around Duluth.

I researched the Duluth city skyline and quickly abandoned that idea. There’s nothing that really stands out building-wise. I decided to create a Skyline Parkway themed logo. Skyline-concept BAfter it was developed it turns out that it’s a little too obscure for a national audience. Bill’s clients include, KAVU, Pistil, Hydroflask and other national retail brands. None of which would easily recognize the Skyline Parkway theme, per se.

The other logo was based on the iconic Aerial Bridge and Duluth’s historic standing as one of the world’s largest economic epicenters in the early half of the 1900’s.

SKYLINE-JAN2013-24After it was completed, this logo also was a little too Duluth centric. Unless you’re from a particular city, large landmarks really don’t resonate well with people from outside the area. If you saw the St. Louis Arch in a logo would it mean anything to you in particular other than pinpoint the area in question to somewhere in Missouri? Again, the logo needed to hit a national audience.

Skyline-concept DMy final logo was just to create an abstract shape that somewhat resembled a tent or octopus. – It was a nice exercise but sort irrelevant. I honestly don’t know what it means or represents. Sort of a generic looking symbol. But had a decent amount of modernism and colorful pop.  All-in-all a versatile brand.

After all of these logo concepts, the boldest one, turned out to be the first one attempted.

I refined the look and now it’s being used on Bill’s business cards and email signature.

skyline-blank skyline-black skyline-white



Skyline Sales Logo
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