This project was a big learning curve for me.

I was working to develop a logo/brand for Windy Lake Lodge in Ontario, Canada. They had an existing website but lacked a true brand that they could use for their website, advertisements, signs and promotional such as tee-shirts. Their rustic and remote hunting/fishing lodge offers a pristine setting for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy year-round. From summertime relaxation to quiet Nordic-skiing in the winter. It seemed like a great opportunity to play around with some designs.


Typography – One of the first steps that I take when designing a brand or logo is to focus on typefaces or fonts. The right one can really set the mood and really capture the feeling of a place. Whereas, the wrong font can have an even more powerful adverse affect to your marketing efforts. I gave the clients several typefaces that I felt were unique, legible and yet fit the image of a rustic lodge.


Comps – After speaking with the clients and looking at their website I tried to create a first comp that captured the tree-lined lake on their homepage. We continued along this avenue for a few drafts until the other partner of my clients disagreed with the direction. So…

WLL_logo_comp1 WLL_font-study

We decided that since it was primarily a fishing camp in the summertime it might be nice to have a fish jumping out of the lake. I provided a quick sketch to get an idea of what they were looking for. I did this logo very quickly and by freehand just to give the clients a visual idea of a fish jumping out of the lake.



WLL_comp2I went online and did some research on what kind of fish I should use for that area. A trout. Then looked at existing trout logos to see what was out there. The fist one I found was Trout Unlimited. I looked at actual trout images and set down to refine the look of the WLL logo.  I created a new comp. (Round3 officially released to client but many more drafts that were refined and designed on my Mac.)

The clients were pretty happy with the comp, but the fish needed to be cleaned up. The spots were distracting and the weird third fin near the tail also looked out of place. They felt the triangle behind the fish was also not working.


Finishing – When building a logo, I try to use Adobe Illustrator to create a vector-based graphic which can be scaled infinitely and not lose any resolution or become pixelated. This finished logo can be used for any application. Decals, mugs, Website, tee-shirts. I usually try to build a logo that can be full color but also has the flexibility to be used a single color.


In the end this is what I can up with as a final comp.

WLL_final-BIn the end the clients chose this one.

I don’t know if there is a lesson in this process but if anyone would like to buy a really good trout logo, I have one for sale…








Windy Lake Lodge – Logo Concepts
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